• Weather Alerts --

    Re-register for weather alert at the Polk County website or call the Sheriff’s office.

  • Outlet Dam Repaired --

    The outlet dam has been repaired. The MILD board would like to thank Polk County Commissioner Craig Buness for his help. They would also like to thank Rich Sanders of the Polk County Highway Department for his help and for getting the job done so quickly.

  • Boat and Water Struture Permit Guidelines -- Download the permit application for off-shore structures here.
  • Water Testing -- Water testing will be done by board members and results can be found online.
  • Personal Watercraft Laws -- Be safe this summer and follow personal watercraft laws.
  • Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! -- Aquatic hitchhikers can spread in many ways such as on aquatic plants, on recreational equipment, and in water. Fortunately, there are a few simple actions you can take to prevent them from spreading.
  • Meeting Minutes Available Online -- View minutes of past Maple Lake Improvement District meetings, and the agenda for upcoming meetings,
  • Maple Lake Historical Ice-Out Dates --

    Have you ever wondered when the ice went out on Maple Lake one, two or even thirty years ago? Now you'll know!